Touchdowns All Day with Jon Barber


Episode Summary

It's #TouchdownsAllDay time and @BarberShreds drops back & fires over the middle w/ The Tom Marshall Interview. Going deep into a ton of musical commentary & floatin' fresh, hand-picked jams right into your mailbox.

Episode Notes

In this episode Of "Touchdowns All Day" @BarberShreds is dropping dimes with a TDAD exclusive interview w/ Phish lyricist & @OsirisPod Co-Founder, Tom Marshall @BoyTommy. The two discuss podcasting, songwriting, LOTR, and Tom's top secret kale spore research. πŸ₯¬αŸˆπŸ”¬

Featuring these πŸ”₯Bisco Samples from Rich Steele's coveted playbook:

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